Therapy Update

So I know it’s been forever since I’m mentioned my therapist or any sessions and that’s because I hadn’t had one until the 27th of January. So here’s an update about what happened during my session.

We discussed the things that are currently going on in my life. We talked about loss, family illnesses, strategies to deal with grief, frustration, anger, etc. We talked about toxic friendships and how to potentially end them or change them so they aren’t so bad or one sided. (I’ll post the handout she gave me sometime soon.)

We discussed my vacation and how excited I am to be getting a break and getting out of here and how it will give me a chance to really think about, consider, reflect and make decisions about my life and how it’s been going.

We talked about school and how I’m a little bit crazy for taking 5 classes. We also talked about how school and classes are wonderful for keeping me busy in a positive way. I’m so excited to be able to pursue something that will benefit my future and keep me busy at the same time. It gives me a productive thing to do while I’m working or have spare time without plans.

Mostly we just talked about what’s been going on. There weren’t any real epiphanies or major break throughs or anything. And it’ll be over a month before I see her again. But it was a good session. And in taking the “how do you feel” questionnaire thing before my session I realized that I’m actually feeling a lot better than I was before. My suicidal thoughts number was way down, as was my overall depression score. My anxiety score was still as high as before, but I think that’s fairly normal and it’ll be a while before I learn enough coping skills to lower my anxiety levels. I’m really happy with the session we had and I can’t wait to see her for the next one.

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