YouTubers I LOVE

I’m going to list a bunch of YouTubers here (or link them) and these are people I think you guys should totally check out! Most of them do beauty related stuff, but I’m a girl and I like that stuff. I know I’ve mentioned at least some of these people in other blogs, but this blog is all about them.

I’m sorry my blogs for while I’m gone haven’t been as pretty as my other blogs have been, but I’ve been super rushed with school, work, packing, and preparing for my trip. The reality is I’ve had to do 3 weeks worth of school work for 5 classes (which comes out to about 45 hours worth of school work) in just over a week (for most of it). Plus I’ve been working and prepping for my trip. Life for me has just been kind of crazy.

Anyway, here we go:


The first YouTuber I’m going to tell you about is Shannon Harris, also known as shaaanxo. She’s a 20-something year old YouTube beauty guru. She’s a genius with makeup! She is gorgeous and super sweet. She does daily vlogs on her blog channel. She’s got her own company where she designs/sells makeup brushes and false eyelashes, all of which are amazing looking! She’s also collaborated with other companies to create her own lipgloss, eye shadow range, and jewelry. She’s really an incredible person! Shannon lives in New Zealand with her boyfriend Hamish (Moosh Moosh Vlogs). I’ve posted one or two of Shannon’s videos here before, and I seriously can’t tell you guys how much I love her. Check her out, check Hamish out and see how you feel. Hamish is a great guy to check out if you aren’t into all the beauty stuff and for any guys out there checking this out he’s got some really funny and interesting stuff for you on his channel.


The second YouTuber I’m going to talk about is actually a pair of YouTubers, sisters (NOT twins) Tracy and Stephanie of Eleventh Gorgeous and Tee and Ess. These two girls live in the US and have a really great time making their videos. They started out being mostly makeup and beauty related but they’ve branched out into a whole range of other things. Including a new channel called Cheap To Chic. Cheap to Chic is fairly new and they haven’t really gotten around to creating a ton of content for the channel, but with 2 other seriously successful channels, and husbands, to take up their time you’ve got to cut them a bit of slack on starting up a third channel. They have promised though that content is coming. These girls are so funny! They are total goofballs half the time and have no problem acting super silly on camera. They love to make their viewers laugh. They do some great unboxing videos and some crazy taste tests. Honestly I love watching their videos when I need a laugh and a pick me up!


Third is Karissa Pukas! She’s a Canadian girl living in Australia with her boyfriend, Glen, and her chihuahua, Lola. She is great at keeping it real and telling you all about what’s really going on in her life and how she feels about things. She does some really awesome makeup tutorials and some really cute look books! She’s also been doing a lot of vlogging lately. Her channels are: Karissa Pukas and Creeping On Karissa. She’s got her own businesses going on and deep down she’s kind of a nerd. She loves Star Wars and even has a Star Wars tattoo. She’s been traveling a ton so a lot of her recent vlogs are pretty amazing! I love binge watching Karissa’s adventures!

Those are my top 3 that I watch regularly. Every video they post I watch. Here’s a list of some other channels I subscribe to and watch periodically:

Nikkie Tutorials

Danielle Mansutti

Danielle’s Vlog Channel

BreeAnn Barbie

Eugenia Cooney


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