I’ve finally finished my packing! Below I’ve listed everything I’ve packed and why I’ve packed some of the things I’ve packed. I’ll be taking a duffle bag and a backpack, both I will be able to carry on the plane with me so I won’t have to check luggage.

In my backpack I have:

My Macbook
My iPod
A spare change of clothes (just in case)
Chargers for my iPod, Macbook, and cell phone
Makeup bag
Spare pair of sunnies

In my duffle bag I have:

15 pairs underwear
8 pairs socks
2 pairs flip flops
10 tank tops
5 t-shirts
4 pairs shorts
2 pairs jeans
2 bras
2 bandeaus
2 long sleeve light weight shirts (for night time when it gets chilly)
My toiletry bag consisting of: sunscreen, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, 2 kinds face wash, tooth paste
Hair brush
Wet-to-Dry flat iron (So I don’t have to pack a flat iron and a blow dryer)
Extra hair ties
A backpack (one of the ones that folds up into a tiny square)
Face wipes
Travel razor
Epilator (it’s one of these things)

On the plane I’ll be wearing a pair of jeans, tennis shoes, a t-shirt, and a hoodie. I’ll also have my sunglasses and my cell phone.

By wearing jeans, tennis shoes and my hoodie onto the plane I don’t have to try to pack those things. It’s much easier to wear the heavier items onto the plane than it is to pack them in the bag along with everything else and wear the lighter items. Flip flops take up a lot less space in my bag than my tennis shoes would. Just like my hoodie would take up a ton of space in the bag versus me carrying/wearing it.

Most airlines allow one carry on and one personal bag which is how I’m getting on the plane with my duffel bag and a backpack. The backpack counts as my personal bag, kind of like a purse. Because the backpack will fit under my seat it doesn’t count as an additional carry on. I’ve been traveling this way for forever. I hate checking luggage. I’m always afraid they’re going to lose my stuff. Which is why I pack light and keep everything in a bag that counts as a carry on. It’s also why I pack an extra set of clothes in my backpack. If for any reason they don’t allow my duffel bag to be used as a carry on I will have one spare set of clothes in case anything happens to my bag.

I’m so excited for my trip! But I’m also really nervous! I’ll be more excited as soon as I’m at my gate waiting to board my plane. Until then I’m more nervous than excited. Once I get on the plane I’ll be really excited and when it lands in Mexico I’ll be able to relax. My grandparents have my travel plans so they know when I’ll arrive so I don’t have to worry about that. The biggest worry will be finding them when I get off the plane and get to the front of the airport, but even that won’t be too hard. I’ve done it before, and I was younger then, I can do it now.

I’ve pre-written and scheduled as many posts as I can for while I’m gone. Sorry if I don’t quite have enough (I’m not entirely sure yet, I’m planning on writing a few more before bed tonight), but I’ll chat with you all as soon as I get back! I’ll have lots to say and a bunch of pictures to upload!

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