School Update

School’s been going on for a week now so I thought I would update everyone on how it’s going.

Basically it is a shit ton of work.

I’m taking 5 classes, so I had to get 3 weeks worth of class done, for each class, in just over a week. Luckily I got to start statistics early so I’m 4 weeks into that class as far as assignments are concerned. I only have the rest of today and tomorrow left to get my assignments done. Or get as many done as possible.

For my Food Science class I think I’m pretty much done. I need to take notes on one more chapter from the book, but that’s it for that class. YAY!

For my Religion class I still need to read the first chapter of the book, but I think that’s all I have left/will be able to do before I leave. She hasn’t posted any real assignments yet so I can’t do any of them until they’re posted.

For my English Literature class I need to finish reading a speech, a short story, and respond to a writing prompt. So I kind of have a lot left to do there, but I’m hoping once I get through the material it won’t take too long to write the actual response.

My government class is going to be the most difficult. It’s going to take the most amount of time and work and I’m a little nervous that I won’t be able to get it all done. Lucky for me the professor for that class has already stated that I can turn things in late, for less credit of course, and that there will be extra credit and a makeup assignment at the end of the semester if I’m still feeling behind by the time the end comes around. Fo that class though I need to go through 2 sections of lecture notes, watch those 2 lectures, read 3 chapters from my text books, and go through 3 different powerpoint presentations. Then I have to do some discussion responses and a set of homework. But the homework I can’t access until after I get back and I’ll have 2 days to do that plus any other work I didn’t get done for that class. Thank goodness for small favors.

The next day and a half are going to be full of homework and not much else. Wish me luck guys, I think I’m going to need it.

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