Free Prints App

So, I’ve been seeing a ton of ads for the Free Prints App and I finally decided to try it.

I’m actually pretty happy with what I received.

I ordered I think 64 photos. Mostly of my friends and family, pets, and a few of some places I’ve been. Most of these pictures were taken on my phone so I was a little concerned with the quality, but they actually turned out really nice!

A couple of the photos were off of snapchat so I have some that have text printed on the page, or a filter with the location in it. I got a really good copy of a Disneyland photo with the Disneyland 60th Anniversary logo on it! I’m really excited about that one!

I got 14 pictures of one of my best friends because we send pictures to each other all the time. I actually got more pictures printed of her, or her and I together, than anything or anyone else. Just shows how close we are.

Now I have to get some picture frames and a couple of collage frames so I can put them up in my room. I’m really excited to play with the photos and fill up my photo albums (that I found in the garage while looking for my calculator the other day!).

I think I ended up paying $7 for shipping so that was the total cost for my 64 prints. Not a bad cost I guess. I don’t know what the comparison is to using a regular printing service, but this was really easy since I did it all from my phone. I can’t wait to order more prints but I’ll wait until after my San Francisco trip this week and my Mexico trip. Then I’ll have a lot of really great photos to order!

If you’re kind of a homebody like me, or you don’t feel like you have time, or the memory to go to the store and print photos using a kiosk, I’d recommend trying the app. It was quick and easy and I made my payment through PayPal so there was no need to input any of my credit card information. Just the shipping address.

I’ll post pictures of the pictures I ordered once I have them in frames.

Windows App

Android App

Apple App

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