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Resolutions Update

So I thought I’d write a quick post to talk about my New Year’s Resolutions and how they’re going. I know it hasn’t been a month yet, but I’ve come up with a few things I want to add to my resolutions list and I think it’s good to keep track of progress regardless of timeline. Besides, I’m getting ready to go on vacation, school just started and I am incredibly busy trying to prepare and take care of both things.

I’m happy to say that I am taking much better care of myself. Although I haven’t officially started an exercise routine I do try to do at least 5 – 10 minutes of exercise every night before bed. It isn’t much but I’m working in baby steps here. We’ve also ordered a treadmill so I will be able to walk more and hopefully learn to run. Fun Fact: I’ve always wanted to be a runner. Not for competition, but for fun. It always looks so peaceful but intense too. It looks like a great workout and a great way to take time for yourself to think about whatever you need to think about. So, I’m going to work on that as soon as it gets here.

I’m also taking a vacation to Mexico as most of you know. It’s one of my new resolutions; I want to travel more! I’d like to think I’ve done a fair bit of traveling for someone who isn’t in their 30s yet, but I’d like to do more of it, and more often. So, on my traveling agenda for this year already we have:

San Francisco coming up this week
Mexico coming up a week from today
Disneyland at least once this year
Six Flags a couple times this year

I’d also like to take a trip or two to Oregon, maybe Washington. I’d love to spend some time near Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. I’ve been to both places but not for very long so I’d like to go and take a couple of days to explore it a bit. Hopefully I can find a friend who will go with me.

I know I’m going to visit Carrot this year. I know I mentioned it before, but she’s asked me to help her decorate her new place now that she’s moved and I told her I’d love to come up and help her out. So I know I’m taking at least one good road trip this year. Plus my awesome vacation to Mexico. But I’d like to make an effort to explore new places with friends and take more road trips. I’m hoping to go to Reno with one of my friends in the next couple of months for a long girls weekend, but there’s a lot going on for both of us so we will see if we can find a way to make that work.

In addition to wanting to travel more I’ve also decided to add getting dressed to my list of resolutions. It sounds stupid I know, but when you work from home all the time you tend to spend a lot of time in pajamas. Especially if you don’t go anywhere during your work shift. Since my shift can last anywhere from 3 – 12 days that’s a lot of time spent in pajamas! Honestly I love pajamas, they are super comfortable and easy to wear, but I love clothes too.

I’m not one of those girls that has a ton of clothes. I’m just not. I have half a close full of t-shirts, tank tops, jackets, and a few dresses and slacks, and a dresser full of underwear, socks, jeans, pajamas, shorts, a few skirts and my bras. But that’s it people. I don’t even need a full closet to keep all of my stuff because most of what I have is shirts and tank tops. And I have more tank tops than shirts. I wear them all year, even when it’s pouring down rain outside. Anyway, my point is, although I’m not a huge clothes person I do love the clothes I have. I’m very particular about the clothes I spend money on and wear, even around the house. I have a very relaxed, comfortable style. Jeans, t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, that’s about it. I have one pair of tennis shoes that are hot pink, a couple pairs of black boots, and a couple pairs of flip flops. My shoes are more diverse than my clothing. It’s just how I am.

So I need to start wearing clothes at least 5 days a week. As it is now I wear clothes any time I leave the house but if I’m not leaving I don’t bother getting dressed. I’ve got to stop doing that. Not getting dressed makes me feel like I have the right to be lazy during the day. The act of getting up and getting dressed makes me feel more prepared and ready to conquer my day instead of just mosey through it. I find that wearing clothes motivates me to get more things done. I am more likely to do chores around the house, go outside to get something or clean something up, and do work (for school and my blog). So I’m adding that to my resolutions. I’m going to get dressed more often.

I’m still working on decluttering. I’ve got a box in my room that is specifically used for a donation pile. I’ve been putting things in there as I run across them and not allowing myself to go through the box. I refuse to take anything out once I’ve put it in there. And I’m making a conscious effort not to offer things to people unless I know it’s something they need or want. I don’t need to pass on my clutter to someone else just because they think it needs to be kept. (Something I learned reading that tidying book, which I still haven’t finished.)

I’ve even got a box of DVDs that I’m getting rid of. I’ve mentioned my huge collection of movies before, but I went through them the other day and got rid of a bunch of movies that don’t make me feel joyful. They are movies that I haven’t watched in forever and never reach for when I’m looking for something to watch. I’m going to offer some to a friend, some to my sister, and some I know are going straight in the donation box. But I’ve gotten rid of 26 movies so I’m really proud of myself!

I’ve already started focusing on school. So much of my time of the last week has gone into school work. I am very proud to say that I am a full 4 weeks ahead in my Statistics class. I went a week farther than I had to because I really want that little bit of cushion since I’m taking so many classes at once. And I’ve officially started school as of today so I’ve begun working on all of my other class assignments that I need to get done before I leave. Luckily a few of the professors have different due dates than I had expected so there will be a few things that I can hold off on and turn in when I get back from Mexico rather than trying to cram EVERYTHING in before I leave. Of course, if I have the time to finish those things up before I leave I will. I want to get as much done as possible and be as far ahead as I can be.

I’m also spending more time considering a career. I’m working on getting an AA transfer degree in English which is great because an English degree is helpful in almost any line of work. Strength in the English language is a necessary skill in just about every career or job out there. Because English is such a general necessity it can help me in almost any career I decide to work towards. I’m still seriously considering a career in interior design. It might be a side business to a regular job until it takes off, or it might always be a side business, who knows. But I’m really thinking that I want to give it a try. I’m also seriously considering using my English degree to get a job, or jobs, working as an editor of sorts. Proofreading, editing e-books, etc. It’s something I’d love to get into. I’ve always wanted to edit and help publish books, but those careers just aren’t as plentiful as they used to be. With the new technology available and the internet and such editors just aren’t in demand. So I’m hoping to kind of work free lance as some kind of editor.

I’m still working on being more grateful and thinking more positively about my future. I’m positive I will have a future, and I know I’ll figure it out, but in the meantime I haven’t had too much time to think about it. I’ve honestly just been focusing on school, work, an the blog. Although even the blog has started to fall by the wayside a bit because of school work.

I’ve got one week left to get everything done, including finishing packing. I’m half way there with packing. I’ve got my flip flops, my shorts and extra pair of jeans should be arriving today, and I’ve started on the shopping list I was given by my grandparents in Mexico. Overall I feel like I’m doing pretty well.

With everything really.

Sure I’ve still got a long way to go, but I’ve started the journey.

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