Free Write #1

I feel like “writing” today. I say “writing” because what I really feel like doing is typing. But I’m not sure what to type. I’m going to do some free writing I think. Write whatever comes to mind and just go with it. No matter what it is. I’ll post it later after I’m done with it. Right now it’s going to be a little bit choppy because I’m working and I’m in the middle of feeding so every 5 or 10 minutes I have to get up and work on that. It messes with the idea of free writing, but it’s the best I can do right now and right now I just feel like I need to type.

I’m still learning how to use everything on the computer. I’m having a good time figuring things out and seeing what kinds of things I can do on a Mac that I couldn’t do on a PC and seeing if there’s anything I miss from the PC. So far I’m missing my CD/DVD drive and my SD card slot. I love that on my PC I can take my SD card out of my good camera and slide it in to download the pictures. I can’t do that on my Mac. On the Mac I have to use cables and things or a flash drive to get pictures onto it.

I do however like the way I save pictures from the internet and stuff. Learning how to access things I’ve saved is still a little tough and I get lost fairly often. But I’m learning. It’s a lot more different than I thought it would be. I didn’t think there would be as many differences or things I needed to learn, but it’s been good. I really enjoy my Mac. It’s new though. Different for sure. Not necessarily complicated but the way things work on the Mac is so different sometimes from the way it works on a PC. I still love PC and still use mine periodically. Switching between the two styles of mouse is the hardest for me. On my PC I can’t scroll using two fingers or right click that way, so it takes some getting used to. Not to mention my PC is HUGE compared to my Mac. I thought my PC was smaller, but I guess it’s a 15” so it feels ginormous compared to the 13.3” Mac.

Right now I’m experimenting with fonts to see what I like. Different programs have different fonts available. I think this might be my favorite. It’s sort of similar to my handwriting only much neater and less squished. My handwriting is bad a far as I’m concerned but I can see some of my lettering in this font. Noteworthy might be my new favorite type font.

I’m still stressing out about school and my vacation. I still don’t have access to 3 of my classes and although I’m finally done with all of my statistics work, I still have to do the work for my other 4 classes. I can access my American Government class but I don’t have the book or the lecture notes yet so it’s really hard for me to do any of the actual work. I’ve already done the things I could do for Government. Hopefully the lecture notes will get here Monday and I’ll be able to go through those and get a few more things done. Unfortunately my last book won’t arrive until the day after I leave for Mexico. So those assignments will have to be turned in late.

I haven’t gotten as much packing done for Mexico as I would like. It’s hard though because a lot of what I need to pack is stuff I use regularly. I’ve done all my laundry, so I could pack some of that, but what am I going to wear for the next 9 days if I do that? Which is where my problem is. I’m trying to pack what I can without leaving myself without things I need. I’ve packed my toiletries, half my clothes, a wet-to-dry flat iron (so I don’t need a blowdryer), contact stuff, my iPod/charger, headphones, and a couple other random things. But for the most part I still need to pack. I’m taking my laptop so I can type up blog posts in Pages while I’m gone. Then I won’t have to try to get them all done when I get back. I’m going to try to get at least one post written for every day that I’m gone, both before and after I leave.

I don’t want to leave people high and dry while I’m gone so I’m going to try to rewrite and schedule a bunch of posts for the days I’ll be on vacation. And while I’m gone I’m going to try to write a bunch of posts about my vacation so I can upload those and schedule them when I get back. I’ll need to get ahead of schedule on pretty much everything because I have to really get school stuff done when I get back, plus working. So between school, the blog, work, friends and family I’m going to be very very busy for the next 5 months. Maybe longer.

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