My Room

So I know I posted not too long ago that I was obsessed with my room, but I’m even more obsessed with it now!

I rearranged my room today. I had started last night and had to finish it this morning. Then I had to work on a bunch of assignments for school. Now I’m getting ready to go to dinner.

But I am SO excited about my room!

The bed I have is kind of like a trundle, but not. It’s from Ikea and it starts out as a twin


and pulls out to be a king.


There are drawers underneath for storage and when it’s pushed together like a twin bed it looks kind of like a day bed. I’m technically not using the right mattresses (the ones Ikea recommends) but I love the mattresses I have. Yes, I said mattresses, plural. Because the bed slides together I need two mattresses, one for each side of the bed. Ikea recommends getting two foam mattresses, but I got two spring mattresses. I can’t stand foam. Plus the spring mattresses were way cheaper! I got them on an Ikea Family deal so they were even less expensive than they are now. And with the cost even if they break down quicker than others might they aren’t too expensive to replace.

I love the bed, and use it as a kind more often than a twin. I’ve had it as a king almost the whole time, today I put it back as a twin. It’s an experiment really. With 3 dogs who sleep with my every night I’m not sure if I twin bed will work, but I’m going to try it. It makes my room feel HUGE to push the bed together and have it as a twin. The biggest downside to that besides the fact that it’s a small bed is that stacking two spring mattresses and trying to sleep on them/get on/off the bed is tough. They feel super unstable and they tilt and stuff so it’s a little awkward. I’ve done it before and I know I can handle it without too many problems, it’s just a strange feeling. And it makes the bed too tall for my littlest dog, Kaylee. She can’t jump up on the bed when the mattresses are stacked.

I swapped the bed and my TV stand, so my TV is now on the wall opposite my windows and my bed is no longer directly under a window (or at least my head isn’t) so I feel a little more comfortable. I don’t have to feel like people can stare at me while I sleep. (Creepy I know, but I have an ex boyfriend who used to peek in my windows sometimes to see if I was awake so we could talk or hang out. Him doing it wasn’t creepy, but knowing it can be done by anyone creeps me out.)

I moved my desk sideways so it kind of cuts my room into a different square than it was before. It cuts off my closet and dresser from the rest of the room kind of. I feel like I have 2 or 3 different spaces now. I have my desk/office space, my dressing area, and my bed/tv area. I really like the feel of it.

I turned my two cube shelves on their sides and stacked them to make a different kind of shelf set. It gives me more table top to work with and fills the space I have them in a lot better than if they were standing up normally. I think it looks really cute. Once I have everything fully put away, organized, and decluttered I’ll take and post some pictures. I know I’ve said that before, but I mean it.

What you guys have to understand is I have 27 years of accumulated stuff to go through and clean up and get rid of and organize. It’s a mess. It’ll take me a while to go through everything and get rid of the things I need to get rid of. I’m making progress but I really want my grandma to come over one day and help me really go through everything and purge. She’s so good at it. I just can’t handle having so much stuff anymore. I’m getting a head start by getting rid of some of the things myself, the obvious stuff, but the harder stuff I’m going to need help with. I want to wait until spring though so the weather is a more comfortable temperature for being outside in the garage as well as in the house. I have stuff in both places that I need to go through.

I also need to get my closet cleaned out. Right now it’s still half full of my great grandma’s things. And even though her other caretaker has said she’s going to clean it out a bunch of times nothing has been touched. I had to clean out the half I’m using on my own. I took out all the clothes and put them on my old rolling clothing rack and shoved that into my great grandma’s bedroom so she knows nothing was gotten rid of, just moved and made available for her to see and make decisions about. (She wants to donate a bunch of it to an organization she belongs to, but she has to go through it all and decide what to keep and what to donate.) I put a bunch of other stuff in boxes and put them in her “storage” room so the other caretaker can go through it and decide what needs to be done with it.

Honestly I feel like she needs to get rid of so much, but she’s not willing to part with anything that has a memory or might be needed. When we were going through all of her paperwork last year my mom and I were finding things from the 1940s. Bills and things that don’t have any meaning anymore because a lot of the companies don’t even exist anymore. It was kind of amusing and amazing. By the time we were done going through everything we had probably shredded 15 bags of papers and burned 2 or 3 boxes worth.

Moving my room around feels great, but it wasn’t the big change that I feel coming. I still feel like a bigger change is coming. This feels absolutely wonderful and I’m loving the new feel of my room. It feels new and clean, but it isn’t the major change in the air. I definitely feel better having moved it around. Maybe moving the room around is part of me preparing for the new changes in my life. Changes that haven’t occurred yet. But I don’t really know. I have a feeling nothing is going to happen until after Mexico. So I have a bit of a reprieve. A bit of time to try to prepare as much as I can for whatever is coming.

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