Any tips on how to beat exhaustion?

I feel so tired all the time. I’m not pregnant, I have no medical diagnoses that would cause exhaustion, and I have been getting a lot of sleep.

But I’m tired all the time.

I wake up and I’m fully awake, I feel great and then about two hours later I’m so tired I want to go take a nap. Nothing seems to help.

I’ve tried energy drinks, coffee, doing things, etc. But nothing seems to make me want to stay awake. Half the time I take a nap and when I wake up I feel refreshed and ready to face the rest of the day, but sometimes I wake up just wanting to go back to sleep. And I get tired really early at night. I start yawning around 9. I’m completely ready for sleep around 10 and I usually force myself to stay up until at least 11. I don’t wake up in the mornings before 7 so even going to bed at eleven gives me plenty of sleep.

I don’t know what the deal is.

Any tips? Suggestions? Anything?

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