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The Hills

Not the song, the TV show that used to be on MTV.

I’m obsessed with it.

For those of you who don’t know what it is, The Hills is a spinoff show. It’s a reality show that was created to follow Lauren Conrad (who I’ve talked about in another blog) to LA while she interned at Teen Vogue and went to FIDM. Lauren started out on Laguna Beach which is where she grew up and went to high school. MTV started a show following the lives of some of the kids there. Lauren was one of those kids.

When Lauren moved to LA they decided to create a spinoff show called The Hills which followed the lives of Lauren (mostly) and her friends. It goes through a few years of their lives. There were 4 and a half seasons with Lauren, and I think a half with a different “main” girl (who I can’t stand!). Lauren has and had a huge following which I think contributed to the creation of the second show.

I want to make sure it’s clear that this is a reality show. It’s not scripted. It’s heavily edited I’m sure, but you can tell when they’ve edited things so you know if you’re missing something or not. The show is supposed to be a realistic way of seeing these girls’ lives. (It does focus mostly on the girls in the show rather than the guys, but guys do come in and out of the show as they date and are friends with the girls.) Throughout the show there’s a lot of drama but there’s also a lot of really great stuff going on.


I talked about Lauren in the Blogs I Love blog. The Hills is where I sort of fell in love with Lauren as a person. I find her personality to be really great, inspiring, motivational, uplifting, and honest. I feel like Lauren is someone I would genuinely be friends with. It’s because of her that I’m obsessed with this show. I love seeing how she got to be where she is, even if it is in an edited way. It gives me a little bit of an insight into someone else’s life. Someone I aspire to be like. She’s got her own clothing line, her own businesses, her own dreams and goals and things she does to make them happen. I want to be like that.

It inspires me to see these girls go through all of the things normal people go through and still come out on top. Especially Lauren. In watching this show I feel like she handles things in such a great way and never lets the random drama get in the way of pursuing her goals. This show aired from 2006-2010. I was just finishing up high school then. Lauren is turning 30 this year and she’s really excited about it. Her birthday is Feb. 1st, so don’t be surprised to see a “Happy Birthday Lauren” post then.


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