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Hey guys!

I’m thinking about getting a couple more tattoos and wanted to make a post about them.

Currently I only have one tattoo. It’s the word “fernweh” (pronounced fehrnvee) on my left shoulder. It’s German and it means “being homesick for a place you’ve never been”, which is such a good fit for me.

A) I’m part German

B) I feel that way quite frequently.

When it comes to where I’m living, in a general sense, I don’t feel at home in any given place for more than a year or two. By place I don’t mean house, or even town, I mean area. I like to change my location every couple of years. I grew up in the same town for most of my life, moved after high school, stayed in Oregon for 4 years, moved back to California for 4 years, then moved to Texas for 6 months, then moved back to California for a couple months, moved to a different part of California, then moved to another part of California.

My moving history is a bit odd. My mom blames it on my dad, and in a way I feel like a lot of my moving and wishing for new places is because of my dad. But I don’t blame him for it. My dad moved around a lot during my childhood, mostly for work, but we spent almost every summer in a new place and I think that contributed greatly to my feelings of fernweh.

Anyway, back to the tattoos. I got my first tattoo last year, and I already know why my second tattoo will be. But I’m not sure about what else to get.

My second tattoo will be a carrot, in honor of Carrot. Carrot has been my friend since high school, my best friend, the friend I can always count on no matter what’s going on in my life or hers. We have a great relationship even though we don’t see each other often. And the Carrot tattoo will have as much meaning for me as fernweh. It isn’t just any carrot. Carrot draws a carrot picture next to her signature at the bottom of all of her notes and letters to me (and I’m sure a bunch of other people). For my tattoo I had her draw the carrot picture for me. She mailed me a larger, colored version of her drawing that I’ll have shrunk down and tattooed onto my right ankle. I’m super excited about it! Carrot is a little bit honored and a little bit nervous about me getting her drawing permanently tattooed onto my body, but I’m excited about it!

After the carrot tattoo I want to get a sparrow. Not for any particular reason exactly, but there’s something about it that speaks to me. Sparrows and owls. They speak to me in some strange way. I think they’re gorgeous and they make me feel at peace with the world.  There’s just something about those two types of birds. I can’t explain it and I’m not going to try to. It might be common, it might even seem trendy, but there’s something about a sparrow that makes me feel light and happy. Owls make me feel deep and thoughtful. Both of them are important to me. And one day I will have one of each on my body.

After that I’m not sure what I’ll end up with. I just know that now that I’ve got one tattoo I definitely want some more. I was warned that might happen. I don’t mind though. I’ve always been a fan of tattoos, and I’ve always wanted some. But until fernweh I hadn’t found anything I felt strongly enough about to actually have permanently put on my body. Now that I’ve started I’m not as worried about finding the absolutely perfect things, just the things that make me feel good about myself or the world.

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