Moving Day!

For Carrot that is!

Carrot moved her stuff into her new place yesterday. Thankfully she got some help from her family to get it all moved and get the furniture placed.

The really cool thing, for me, was that she texted me part way through the day to ask for my help with furniture placement!

I was honored honestly. I know she’s the one who is suggesting/supporting the idea of being an interior designer, but it was really cool that she cared enough about my opinion to text me for help while moving.

She needed to know where to place her bookshelves and filing cabinet mostly. But I had her move her couch to one side, angle her reading chair, put a book shelf between the two, and put the filing cabinet on the other side of the chair to give her a place for her reading lamp (and because it was the best place for it honestly).


(No, that’s not really her house, but it was the closest I could find to what I suggested she do and I am not posting a picture of her actual house)

She seems to be happy with it. She said she was and I don’t think she’d bother lying about it. She said she wouldn’t anyway. But it looked really good to me! She sent me a picture of it after it was moved around and I thought it looked fantastic!

So, when you get around to reading this Carrot, thank you for thinking of me and trusting me to help out with your move even from so far away!

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