Grandpa Update

So I didn’t find out much. No one has said anything to me or told me about it all and I’m still not sure if I should ask or not.

My mom talked about it in front of me, but didn’t actually tell me what they found out the first time and I was running late to meet up with a friend so I didn’t press her at the time.

Basically the only additional thing I’ve learned is that the medication the doctors would like to put him on is crazy expensive and either not covered by insurance, or not covered enough by insurance. Either way, they can’t afford it. And even if they figure out a way to pay for it, because they are searching for a way, there’s no guarantee it’ll do anything.

As it is they only hope it can slow it down a bit. But even if it slows down they still only give him the year. At least as far as I know. Which isn’t much. It’s so frustrating to not know more about it but when everyone is being so quiet about it it makes it hard to talk about. Hopefully next time I see my mom, or when I see my grandma, I’ll get the whole story.

As it is I don’t think there’s going to be a decent outcome no matter what they do.

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