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I was reading my favorite blog today,, and I read this article about revamping your morning routine. The idea behind it isn’t really to accomplish more in the morning, but just to start your morning off feeling better. It was written by a guest blogger, Kelsey Murphy, who talks about how it’s important to take 15 minutes for yourself in the morning. She says it’s about working towards feeling more like whatever you want to feel, whether it’s sexy, desired, loved, etc. Whatever you want to feel you should come up with something you can do in that 15 minutes that will help you feel that way. Whether it’s meditating, working out, spending more time with your family, or taking that time to enjoy your first cup of coffee in the morning without rushing through it.

Hands holding a coffee mug

The article is Rise and Shine: How to Revamp Your Morning Routine. It’s got some simple steps on how to make the routine special to you, and tips to make the new routine stick.

Based on the suggestions, tips, and reasons behind making this change to your morning routine I’m going to try getting up at a specific time (right now I just kind of get up whenever) and I’m going to do some kind of exercise for 15 minutes. Whether it’s yoga, crunches, knee highs, running, etc. Anything I want that gets me up and moving. I’m going to just get up and do it.


What kinds of things would you like to add to your morning routine?

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