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Diet Update #2

I was a bad bad girl.

I took my sister out yesterday. I needed to pick up some things and get my eyebrows waxed. So we went to the mall, got my eyebrows done and walked around a bit.

The lady that waxed my eyebrows is AMAZING! She’s done them once before and she is always super awesome! She’s really nice, loves to chat while she works, and has some really great stories and tips for things to do in the mall. She gave us suggestions for where to eat lunch, and what to do for dessert afterward. So my sister and I went to Maggiano’s!

We ordered bruschetta for an appetizer, my sister ordered the stuffed shells with bolognese, and I ordered the lite version of the fettuccine alfredo. It was all really really fantastic!

In addition to the food we ate at the restaurant, both of our orders came with a take home pasta dish. My sister went with the traditional fettuccine alfredo and I went with eggplant parmesan. If my sister’s alfredo dish was anywhere near as good as mine, then hers was wonderful and I ate the eggplant parmesan the next day for lunch. It was so good, but so bad for my diet!

So bad for my diet, but totally worth it in my opinion. It’ll be a really long time until I go back. And we didn’t go for any of the dessert options we had discussed. My eyebrow lady recommended we go to the gelato place next door and then grab some coffee at Starbucks, she said get a cup of coffee with lots of room and put the gelato in the coffee. She said it is one of the best things ever! I’ll definitely be trying that one day, but we were so full from lunch it just wasn’t an option.

Later though after we picked up my niece we decided to grab some frozen yogurt, so I did end up with dessert, but I didn’t end up eating any dinner, I was just way too full!

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