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How many other people still enjoy watching movies that are technically made for kids?
How many people find that they are really fond of b-quality movies?
How many people are obsessed with cult classics?
What about tear jerkers?

I’m a huge movie lover and I watch all kinds on a regular basis. I’ve seen so many movies that I couldn’t possibly remember to name them all. The great thing is that movies of all genres can appeal to all kinds of people.I find that I am just entertained by kids’ movies as I am by movies made for teens/adults/etc.

There are certain genres that I don’t like and certain genres that I love! And then of course there are some that are just so-so. I really enjoy fantasy movies, movies that were based on books, some horror movies, action movies, disaster movies, and monster movies! I think rom-coms are okay, but I have to be in the right mood. I enjoy comedies, but they have to be the right kind, if the whole point of the movie is that the main characters are stupid and that’s what is supposed to be funny then I won’t like it.

In particular disaster movies, monster movies, and action movies are probably my favorites. I really love those. I really enjoy movies that are based on books, especially if it’s a book I’ve read. And it’s great when watching the movie makes me want to read the book. I felt that way about Julie & Julia and Eat Pray Love. Now that I’ve seen the movies I really want to read the books.

I’m a little bit obsessed with zombies, sharks, snakes, and dinosaurs. I love the Jurassic Park movies! I actually enjoy the Sharknado series. I love all the Syfy channel original movies with the crappy special effects and crappy plots and cheesy acting. I love zombie movies and am a big fan of The Walking Dead.

I can’t watch Titanic, but that’s got to do with some anxiety issues. My step-mom thinks that perhaps I lived a past life on the Titanic, and perhaps died that way because watching the movie gives me a mild panic attack and makes me hyperventilate. I’ve seen the movie all the way through once, but will never watch it again. As much as I enjoy disaster movies with that one I just can’t cope. I think it’s all the people who get locked down below and essentially murdered. It really gets to me. On top of that drowning is a big deal to me. It’s one of the hardest on screen deaths for me to watch and I will frequently leave the room when they happen if I’m aware of it.

Movies are amazing things. They can bring us together, cause rifts, cause silly fights or full blown arguments. I’m a huge fan of movies! The pictures I’ve posted are just some of the movies that I love and watch frequently.

Leave a comment down below with your top 10 movies! I’d love to know what other people enjoy watching!

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