Blogs I Love

Besides my own blog, which I’m having a great time working on, I’m a little bit obsessed with a couple other blogs on the internet.

They’re a little bit, expected, because they’re all written by celebrities, but that’s the stuff I like, if you don’t like it, don’t read it. It’s pretty simple. I like what I like.


The first blog, and the one I’m most obsessed with is Lauren Conrad‘s blog. Most people know Lauren fro her reality television shows, Laguna Beach and The Hills. That’s where I first heard of her/discovered her. At the time she was still a teen and was entering the world of college, at FIDM in LA, and interning at Teen Vogue. I was really excited by her as a person and she inspired me to consider trying some new things that I’d never thought of as being possible for me.

widg_book_club Lauren has some great stuff on her website, including a book club that anyone can be part of. She has categories like “dine”, “decorate” and “prime” (among others) to give you access to all kinds of topics. She discusses all kinds of things like the working woman, fitness, home decor, and beauty. The LaurenConrad.com team as well as Lauren herself post some really fantastic tips and tricks to help you out in almost any situation. And they’re really great about checking in on member comments and including members in future posts.

If you’re a fan of all things girly I would definitely check out her website. Lauren has an effortless femininity to her that shows itself on the website as well as in her clothing designs (see next paragraph). Take a look at the “dine” and “decorate” sections of the website if nothing else. Those sections are my favorite! While not everything applies to my design style, budget, or space it’s all wonderful to look at and super inspiring!

For any of you that didn’t know Lauren also has her own clothing/accessories line that is sold at Kohls. It’s some great stuff! Not my style, but I adore her designs anyway. They are gorgeous and simple but so pretty! They are definitely for someone with a more girly style than mine, but I appreciate the clothes as they are and can imagine quite a few of my friends and family members looking extraordinary in some of the pieces.

The Haute Mess

Started by Ashley Tisdale, actress/producer, the website offers a unique point of view on all kinds of things in life. Much like Lauren Conrad’s website, The Haute Mess doesn’t focus on just one thing, it focuses on a lot of things. The layouts for the website are totally different, but both are easy to navigate.

I love The Haute Mess because it’s written in more of a business style (in my opinion) versus a lifestyle blog. It’s still a lifestyle blog, but it feels more business like. Maybe it’s the design, or the articles themselves, but it seems to have a very business oriented focus. It’s great for anyone who is even remotely interested in becoming a business person. Ashley seems to focus more on women, but who can blame her?

There are a lot of great articles about how to make it as a businesswoman, tips for planning and organizing, beauty tips, fitness, lifestyle, and some great recipes! I just saved one for a chia seed coconut pudding. YUM!

Ashley and her team really have some great ideas and advice to give. They posted a great list of New Year’s Resolutions, some wonderful girl power articles, and as I mentioned above they post some great recipes!

I really like The Haute Mess because it gives me some inspiration to be a better woman and not let gender stereotypes and that “glass ceiling” stop me from being who I want to be and doing what I want to do. Seeing all these women who have done such an amazing job at their jobs and creating their own careers is really inspiring and it helps to know that you can have more than one career and still be happy.

The 3rd blog that I’ve been really paying attention to is Ashley Benson’s XOBenzo.

This blog I use as more of a fun read, it’s not as much about inspiration or motivation, it’s just about fun stuff to read. Although, she has some great articles about organization and eating well and things, she has a lot more articles about beauty and fun things like tattoos.


I really enjoy Benson’s playfulness and the cool factor of her blog. She says it’s her “creative outlet”. I love Benson’s blog just as much as the other two, but for different reasons. She has a lot of really cool beauty tips and things to keep in mind if you’re trying out new things beauty related. Her website is so much fun to look at and so much fun to explore!


Some other blogs to check out:

Tamera Mowry

The Kind Life – Alicia Silverstone



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