Obsessed w/ My Room!

So, as you guys know I’ve been on a serious cleaning kick. One of my Resolutions for the year is to declutter my space and get rid of the things that I don’t need. I’ve been working really hard on that. I’m nowhere near done. I’m still reading the Tidying book and working on learning all about KonMari, but in the meantime I’m working on getting rid of the obvious things.

What I did the other day was clean out almost all the food stuff that I have in my room!

I know it sounds strange; “Why is she storing food in her room?” But in my house the kitchen is really really full. Mostly with dishes and gadgets. There isn’t a lot of room for food, and the places where there is room causes food to get lost because they are deep cabinets.

I actually cleaned those cabinets out the other day and threw out about 10 bottles of protein drink because they were supposed to be used by October of last year. The cupboards in this house are just not made to store food. On top of that I’m kind of protective of the things I buy. I don’t want the food that I spend my money on to be eaten by someone else, at least not without my permission. I’m all for sharing, as long as you ask.

I also have a mini-fridge in my room, for drinks mostly, but I also have some face masks that have to be stored in the fridge so it works out well. I’ve cleaned it out as well.

Anyway, by cleaning all of the food stuff out of my room I cleared up a lot of space. Not just inside the fridge or on shelves, but floor space also. I had drinks on the floor, and a storage container full of food stuff on the floor too. Now it’s gone! And my floor looks incredibly clean and my room looks so much bigger.

Getting rid of all the junk littering my floor has changed the look of my room. It’s bigger and brighter feeling. I’ve started opening my blinds again to let the light in instead of just using the overhead light.

I took my bedding off my bed, washed everything, remade the bed and in the process I got rid of 6 pillows (decorative and sleeping), 2 blankets, and I found a bunch of dog toys hidden between the pillows and the wall. So that’s all cleaned up. My bed always looks much bigger when it’s properly made. And I don’t actually sleep in my bed, just on it with a blanket, so it’s easy to keep it made once it has been done properly.

I’m starting to consider rearranging my room a bit though. I’m just not sure how. I’m really good at finding the optimal way of organizing furniture so you have the most amount of floorspace and the most amount of storage you can in a room. Or at least with my bedrooms I have been able to do this. And people seem to like it.

In my room right now I have:

A king size bed, with storage drawers underneath that pull out
A desk with a set of shelves attached to it, the shelves are cubes and the desk top is literally just a table top with legs
I have my mini fridge
A standard sized dresser
2 sets of cube shelves that are 1 x 3s
A wooden chest
A bookshelf that my grandpa built
An Ikea shelf/TV stand that is kind of huge

Those are just the things that take up floor space. I have a chair next to my desk, but it’s just a kitchen chair, I need to buy an actual desk chair soon. The kitchen chair really doesn’t cut it and it’s so uncomfortable.

I have a lot of stuff in my room. My room is large, but it isn’t HUGE. I’ve had a larger room before, so although this room feels huge compared to my last room, and it is a good sized room, I know it isn’t really as big as it might seem. And it feels pretty big. Even with all my stuff in it. That’s the trick though right? To keep a room feeling large even when you add all your stuff to it? I seem to be pretty good at that.

My last bedroom was less than half this size and I had a lot of the same furniture in it. Or at least some. I had my bed, my shelf/TV stand, my dresser and a nightstand. And that room was SERIOUSLY TINY! I made it work though. It was tough with my bed and the dresser, especially because of the layout of the room. That room had the door to get in/out of the room, plus a closet door because it wasn’t a sliding door on the closer, but an open/close swinging door. Then there was a window, and they were all on different walls. So I only had one complete wall in my room. Everything else had a window or door in it. It was tough. But I got the right kinds of pieces and made the room really work for me. People really liked the look of it and they enjoyed my very large bed.

So far everyone loves the look of my current bedroom too. (I’ll post pictures of it once I’m done with the decluttering/cleaning process.) I like things with multiple functions, and I love out of sight storage. I’m also a huge fan of pieces that I can move! Especially if I can move them all by myself! I love to change the furniture arrangement in my spaces so having pieces that I can pick up and move all on my own is almost a necessity. Luckily, for the pieces that are just far too big or heavy for me, I have wonderful people in my life who are willing to help me move things around when I get the urge.

Unfortunately/fortunately it’s an urge I’m getting right now.

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