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I’ve been binge watching all the youtube subscriptions that I’ve missed in the last two months. And there’s a lot.

A) I religiously watch about 6 channels

B) At least 2 of those channels have been doing Vlogmas where they vlog daily.

C) The other channels post 2 to 3 times a week.

So I’m super behind!

I’ve been watching the videos 5 or 6 at a time for the last couple of days and I still have a ton of videos to watch. I love watching them. The only downside for me is that because I have super limited internet (because I live in a super rural area where the only real option is satellite which is always limited) I have to watch all the videos on my phone.

Anyway, I thought I would link my favorite channels in this blog so anyone who might be interested in watching some fun videos. The vlogs can be kind of interesting depending on the day.

My favorite YouTuber is Shannon Harris, shaaanxo. She’s a New Zealand beauty guru and she is AMAZING! I absolutely love her! I watch every single one of her videos. She’s got two channels. Her main channel which has all of her tutorials, reviews and hauls for all of her beauty things. Then she has her vlog channel where she posts all of her vlogs and vlog-type videos. Shannon has been daily vlogging for quite a while now so she’s got tons of videos up to check out. She’s actually who inspired me to check out New Zealand as a place to visit or move one day just because of her vlogs. And that was like 3 years ago. 😛

You can find her here:

Shannon’s Main Channel

Shaaanxo Vlogs

Seriously guys, check her out! If you aren’t already a fan of hers but you like beauty videos you’re going to love her! I’m mildly obsessed actually, but not in a creepy way, I swear. She’s got over 2 MILLION subscribers so clearly I’m not the only one that finds her videos amazing. CHECK HER OUT! You will not be sorry.

The other girls I can’t get enough of are Tracy & Stephanie from EleventhGorgeous! They are from the US and are sisters, not twins, but they are sisters and they’re wonderful! They are super sweet girls and they do some really fun stuff! They also have some really awesome giveaways! In the time I’ve been watching them they’ve given away a macbook, an iPad, and an apple watch (at least). So they’re super fantastically awesome! I can’t get enough of them!

They’ve been participating in Vlogmas so they’ve been vlogging a lot lately. But they also do beauty stuff. A lot of hauls. They try a lot of products out and lately they’ve been doing pinterest hacks. They also do some of their most watched videos: Battles of the Boxes! They subscribe to a lot of subscription services so when they get their products for the month they unbox them on camera and compare what they each got. It’s a huge hit and a lot of fun!

Here’s where you can find Tracy & Stephanie:


Tee & Ess

And they have a third channel that they’ve been working on called Cheap to Chic and it’s all about home decor and DIY and stuff like that! I’m super excited for that channel and I’ve been dying for them to get some more videos up there. These girls really are amazing and they can totally make my day when I’m feeling kind of crappy. They’re really funny and always smiling so it’s kind of contagious.

Some other people I enjoy watching are:

BreeAnn Barbie (Beauty Guru)

Danielle Mansutti (Australian Beauty Guru)

Karrisa Pukas (Canadian living in Australia who does Beauty and all kinds of other things, she’s hilarious and keeps things totally real especially on her vlog channel Creeping on Karissa)


Nikkie Tutorials (Another Beauty Guru! She lives in a foreign country but I can’t remember which one. She’s super fun!

These people all have snapchat too so if you’re looking for shorter random pick-me-ups their snapchats are awesome too!

Check out some of these people! Sorry I don’t have more variety, but I like what I like. The Halloween tutorials these girls do are 100% INSANE! I loved them all so much!

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