I’m trying to get into a routine with cleaning my face at night, taking my medication, brushing my teeth, etc. I’m really bad at doing things all the time unless I have a really strict routine. To help get into the routine I have all the stuff I need to clean my face, floss, brush out my hair, and take my medications sitting on my desk.

I’ve been using the Simple brand micellar water to do a basic cleaning of my face. Since I don’t wear makeup on a regular basis I only get basic grime on my face during the day and I wash it really well when I shower so when I clean it at night it’s just to get the basic junk off my face. So I use cotton rounds to clean up my face using the micellar water and then follow up with Lush brand Grease Lightning (one of my all time favorite products!!!!). The combination of the two makes my skin feel really nice. It feels smooth and clean when I’m done without feeling squeaky clean and tight feeling. For me it’s the perfect combination!

I use a Reach flosser to floss my teeth because I have a hard time with traditional floss. And I brush my teeth with some off brand electric toothbrush. I can’t remember what toothpaste I use and I can’t be bothered to get up and find out right now. I’m sure no one really cares anyway.

I’ve also taken to putting on a layer of eos lip balm in sweet mint before bed. My lips get super dry and I’m really bad at picking dead skin off my lips and chewing on my lips. So I’m trying to moisturize them more. I find that when things are on my desk I notice them more often and therefore use them more often. I think it’s because that’s where my computer is and I use my computer all the time. And my phone charger. I’ve started leaving my phone charger at my desk instead of putting it near my bed. I’m going to charge my phone up before I go to bed, move the phone where I can reach it (in case of emergency mostly) and I can charge it up again in the morning before I go anywhere or do anything.

I also keep some lotion on my desk so I put lotion on my hands and arms. I’m good at putting it on my legs because I put it on every time I shave or epilate. But I’m horrible about remembering to put it on my arms and hands, even though they need it most because they are the most exposed to the elements.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it for my routine right now. I’m hoping to add more things to my routine as time goes on, but for now I’m going to start with baby steps. It is only day 4 for my routine.

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