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Diet Update

Since my grandma was in so much pain and spent most of the day sleeping I didn’t actually make one of the Terra’s Kitchen meals last night. I also didn’t eat a proper lunch.

I ate a great breakfast, but I ate it around lunch time, and then ended up hungry a few hours later so I ate a snack, then I ate my dinner a couple hours after that.

For breakfast I had the coffee flavored Chobani flip and it was actually really really good. I HATE yogurt most of the time, especially greek yogurt, but this flavor with the crunchies and chocolate pieces was actually really really good. I ate it all and found myself scraping out the container with my spoon.

I also made a smoothie. I use the magic bullet blender thing, the original one that I’ve had since they first came out, to make my smoothie. It had frozen blueberries, frozen mango chunks, banana, a plant based vanilla protein powder, chia seeds, and pineapple coconut water. It was SO GOOD! I was a little worried about the coconut water, but this was so good!

For my snack I had some of the balsamic vinegar Triscuits with some Alouette cheese. It tasted so yummy I had to be careful not to eat it all. I also drank a Vanilla Coke (which is so bad I know).

For dinner I had a chopped asian salad and the pomegranate chicken Lean Cuisine. Not super exciting, but it was better than eating nothing. Or splurging and eating a bunch of junk.

So as for my diet, I’m already kind of failing. I didn’t cook a new recipe the last night because I ate the leftovers from the night before. And then yesterday I didn’t do so hot because, honestly, I was trying to be as quiet as possible.

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