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I TOTALLY cleaned out my underwear/sock/bra drawer. I went from like 4 stacks of underwear to 2. I went from probably 30 pairs of socks to like 15. And I got rid of about 10 bras and have 5 really good ones left.

I also cleaned out my pajama drawer (at least the top one, I currently can’t get to the bottom one). I got rid of a bunch of stuff that I don’t wear anymore or that’s a little small.

I ended up with a garbage bag full of clothes that I’m getting rid of. I’m giving all the stuff I can to charity and then I’m throwing out the stuff that is just yuck. I also got rid of a few random things around my room.

I’m really trying to declutter. I’m still working on the Tidying book and technically I’m already breaking the rules by doing cleaning and tidying in small amounts and not in categories, but as far as I’m concerned it can’t hurt to get rid of things before I do all of the real heavy duty tidying/cleaning.

I just really want to declutter my room. I have a huge room and it kills me that I can’t fit everything in here in a way that looks nice. It doesn’t look awful, but it looks cluttered.

So that’s my update for my cleaning/decluttering resolution so far.

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