Okay guys, I’m going to MEXICO! My family has some property down in San Jose del Cabo and one set of my grandparents goes down and lives there most of the year. I haven’t been down to see them in about 6 years, but I’ve seen them here in the states at least once a year.


Last time I went down I went for a month. I was making some serious changes in my life and I needed to get outta town and relax for a while. Plus it’s really easy for me to talk to my grandparents about just about anything. They’re very good to me and although my grandpa can be a little opinionated they both love me to death and would do anything they could to make me happy.

It’s great that they’re down there most of the time because when I have a chance to go down there I don’t have to pay for a hotel. Or for a cab. They have 2 vehicles down there so between the three of us and the 2 cars we can get anywhere we need to go. They also live just 10 minutes (WALKING!) from the beach. And since they live in a more rural part of the San Jose del Cabo area the beach feels private. It’s usually empty or there are very few people there. It’s wonderful!


I’m not sure how much has changed since the last time I was there, it has been 6 years, but I’m sure it will be just as lovely as before. I’m excited to get down there to some sunshine and relaxation. Not to mention the wonderful authentic Mexican food!


I’m sure I’ll spend a lot of time reading, enjoying the beach and the ocean. And I’m really excited to be spending time with my grandparents. To be honest, for me, that’s the best part about going. I love my grandparents so much and I love spending time with them. It’s hard to do for the short while that they’re in the states every year because they travel a lot and don’t spend a lot of time in California. And when they are in California I’m usually working so I don’t really get to see them much. They do come visit and that’s always lovely, but I’ve been dying to go visit them!

Some disclaimers:

None, and I do mean none, of the photos in this blog post are mine. All of my Mexico photos from previous trips are on my old computer and I don’t feel like moving them onto this one. So, I’ve borrowed some off the internet for now. When I get back from Mexico I’ll post pictures from my trip.

And for anyone wondering, my dogs are staying at home with my coworker. She’s agreed to cover my shifts while I’m gone and as bad as she is as a coworker, she loves my dogs and they love her, so I know they’ll be in good hands. They’ll be less stressed out since they’ll get to stay home and this way I don’t have to pack up all their stuff and take it somewhere They’ll be fine while I’m gone and they’ll be super happy when I get back. I’m going to miss them while I’m gone and I’ll be so excited to see them when I get back, but I’m really excited about my trip and I feel like I’ve earned it.

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