Bad News

I just got some really awful news.

My mom’s step-dad, my grandfather since way before I was born, is going to die. Not right away, but honestly we don’t know when. I don’t mean eventually in the sense that eventually everyone dies, I mean most likely within the year.

He’s got tumors in his stomach. Apparently a lot. And they are growing quite rapidly. I don’t have all the details yet, but from what I’ve been told they can’t do surgery and they can’t do chemo (apparently the tumors are cancerous). They’re putting him on medication to help as much as they can, but they’ve basically given him this year, if he makes it that long.

Right now I don’t know anything else.

I’m worried about everyone in my family right now. His son, his grandson, my mom, my grandma, everyone who knows him.

It’s all just really shitty.

I thought my great-grandma’s funeral would be the first I’d go to in my life, but the way things are going it’ll be my grandfather’s instead.

I honestly don’t know what to think or how to feel right now. Normally I handle these things very well. I accept it as fact and sort of, move on. But right now I’m crying. I’m crying because it all seems so unfair. It’s like he doesn’t even have a chance. He doesn’t get to fight. I don’t know what they’re going to do, as I said, I just found out, they just found out and I only have 3rd hand information.

I’ll post an update when I know more. For now I have to suck it up and be strong because I have work to do and there’s going to be enough sadness going around. I need to be there for my mom and grandma. He’s been part of my mom’s life since she was a kid. My grandparents just celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary.

This is all just so insane.

I have to go now. But I’ll update everyone later on.

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