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I recently read the first three books in a series. I didn’t read the whole series yet, but I most likely will since I really enjoyed the three I read.

They weren’t perfect, there were definitely some issues with plot, flow, and grammar/spelling. But it was an amazing story! I was so inspired by the books to make some changes in my life and start considering things that I had sort of forgotten about.

I read a series called The Wishes Series by G.J. Walker-Smith. The first three books are:

Saving Wishes

Second Hearts

Storm Shells

Saving Wishes is free on Amazon Kindle and on iBooks (where I got it). The 2nd and 3rd book are $3.03 on Amazon or $3.99 on iBooks. I downloaded and read all three books in 2 days. I fell in love with the characters and was completely sucked into their world. I felt like I was part of it and part of them. Whether that’s because I’m a sucker for books or because of the writing, it’s hard to tell. But I was so enthralled by everything going on that I literally forgot about some personal aspects of my life and had replaced those things by things going on in the books and was legitimately confused when I stopped reading and realized what had been going on in my head wasn’t reality.

I don’t want to spoil anything so I’ll try to do a basic summary here before I write about all the things that go on and how they made me feel. I’ll announce it before I post anything that could be considered a spoiler for the books.

All 3 books are about a girl, Charlotte, and a guy, Adam. Adam is from New York City and Charlotte, Charli as she likes to be called, is from a small town in Tasmania (that is right on the tip of my tongue but just won’t come out in the open, le sigh). The whole thing starts when Adam almost runs Charli over with his car on his way to visit his cousin who lives in the same town as Charli. From the minute they lay eyes on each other they know there’s something special about the other person. Both of them believe that fate has brought them together and they spend three books fighting to see why fate brought them together, and fighting fate itself by going their separate ways.



Do not read from here down if you don’t want to know about some of the twists and turns that take place in these books. They are amazing and I urge you to read them if you need some inspiration and motivation in your life because that’s what they’ve helped me with. If you don’t want anything spoiled, stop here and go read the books. If you don’t want to read them or don’t mind some things being spoiled, read on!


Of course it’s no great shock that during the story Charli and Adam fall in love. But Charli is only 17 and Adam is 20. Adam is about to start law school and Charli has dreams of traveling the world with her best friend, Nicole, after graduating from high school. Traveling the world is Charli’s grandest and longest dream. It’s the thing that keeps her going in her small town. Her only real desire is to get out of that town. Even when she meets Adam. Although they fall in love and want to be together Charli’s urge to travel is a constant issue for the two. Adam is determined to go to law school, graduate, and pass the bar exam.

It’s their inability to come up with a compromise or some kind of solution that causes Charli to break up with Adam at the end of the first book (and after Charli receives the shock of her life). Shortly after Charli leaves Adam, Nicole leaves Charli, along with $13,000 from a boat sale that Adam had left for Charli. Devastated by the loss of Adam and the theft and abandonment of her best friend Charli runs off to explore the world with the only person she has left to go with, an old “flame”, Mitchell.

During the second book Charli and Mitchell are staying in a shack on the beach, living paycheck to paycheck and spending their spare time surfing and hanging out with the new friends they’ve made. Charli wants to move on and go somewhere new, but Mitchell isn’t ready. It takes a while, but Charli eventually realizes she wants to be in New York, with Adam, still. It’s been a year but she’s going to try. She goes to New York and after some ups and downs, and some help from some interesting characters, they try all over again, with the same results. After a whirlwind wedding, fighting with in-laws and stuck up friends, Charli leaves again, this time at Adam’s request because he knows he can’t hold her down.

Devastated for a second time Charli goes home, back to her small town, to her family and friends. Although a lot of things are the same in her safe little town, many things are different too. Her arch nemesis is getting married, Adam’s cousin, Gabrielle, has moved into Charli’s old house, and her ex-BFF, Nicole, is back in town. Charli move’s into Gabrielle’s old place and starts a new life for herself. She patches things up with Nicole and she and Adam get to spend two weeks together, with some interesting news and another fight where they can’t agree Charli kicks Adam out and has him arrested.

After being bailed out of jail and crashing on his cousin’s couch for the night Adam goes to Chari’s to find his luggage on the porch ready to go. He goes back to New York convinced that it’s over between them. Charli isn’t so sure, but refuses to be dragged through the Adam/Charli mess all over again. She’s got a new life and a new plan, one she’ll have to let Adam in on eventually. When Ryan, Adam’s brother and Charli’s business partner, comes to town for a visit Charli finds herself in a predicament and with a new deadline for when she has to tell Adam the whole truth.

Meanwhile back in New York Adam is having an epiphany; he packs a couple suitcases and heads to the airport, finally realizing that he’s meant to be with Charli. Calling his mother on the way to the airport he says his goodbyes and hops on a plane. Racing to get to Charli Adam gets a call from her and she finally tells him what she’s been trying to tell him for months.

As the two start their new lives together, in Tasmania, they have struggles, misunderstandings, and trust issues; not to mention a new string of thefts and some more surprise news.

The books really are fantastic in my opinion! There are a few gaps and places where it feels like the author skips something, but then the story starts flowing again and you forget there was anything missing. I left plenty of twists and turns out of my recount of the books so there’s still plenty to read and discover should you choose to read the books for yourself.

For me the books were inspiring and motivating. The love story was a little cheesy, but not at the same time. I mean, they kept going back to each other, talking about magic and fate and faeries, but there were a lot of problems too, and a lot of leaving. The faerie stories that Charli tells in the books are kind of fascinating, maybe I’ll go back through the books one of these days and look them up to see how many of them have actual myths/tales about them out there.

The inspiring/motivational parts for me were Charli traveling the world with Mitchell. Although the author doesn’t actually give much detail about how it works, where they went or what they saw you get the feeling that they travelled in whatever way they felt like traveling, went wherever they wanted on a whim, and survived by working under the table wherever they could. I would love to be able to do something similar to that, so reading about a 17 year old girl, taking off to backpack/surf all over the world is very inspiring.

Now, there are a lot of things holding me back from being able to just pick up and travel. Money, my grandma, my dogs, school. But it makes me inspired and motivated to take more time to travel, to save up more money for travel, and to not forget that I do want to travel. I get so caught up in what’s going on around me and what I “should” be doing with my life at this point that I’m forgetting all the things I’ve always wanted to do but haven’t done yet.

All the faerie stories were kind of motivating too. They motivate and inspire me to learn more. To believe in magic again.

There is a lot in the book that is about dreams and about fate and the future. It’s all kind of amazing to think about. The way the story works it would almost have to be fate. A lot of people don’t believe in fate, luck, or magic, but they believe in coincidence. The things that happen in this book would be some pretty crazy coincidences.

I want to make it clear that I’m not saying any teenager should drop everything, including school, to travel the world and work illegally to get by, but I think it’s totally reasonable to find some inspiration and motivation within it to follow your dreams and explore the world.

Besides that it’s about following your heart, trusting in fate, and believing in yourself.

Charli and Adam go through so much during the three books. There are more books in the series, but they’re about other people who are in the stories. They intertwine, which is most of the reason why I’ll be reading them. I was less interested in the additional characters and more interested in Adam and Charli. I’ll read the rest because Adam and Charli appear in the rest so I can learn more about what happens to them after the first three books are over.

Adam’s dedication to his studies is admirable and I actually support his decision to put his studies before love. And I love that Charli traveled the world before she went to find Adam. As much as they loved each other they new that their dreams, their life goals, couldn’t revolve around, or be stopped by, another person.

Charli teaches you to go with your first instinct and Adam teaches you to try to think things through. They both have lessons to teach us.

The books helped me, in the end that’s that part that matters. They’re a quick read, so give them a try if you’d like. As I said, the first book is free so it costs nothing to give it a shot. If you don’t want to, that’s okay too. Just don’t ask me to tell you how it ends. *wink*

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