It’s Arrived!

I got my first healthy food box of the year! My first Terra’s Kitchen order of 2016 has finally arrived!


So, I was asked by someone at some point (I don’t remember who) about where the food is actually shipped from, and while I’m not sure about all of their shipping options (because I’m not sure where all they ship to) but my order comes from a town that’s only about an hour away from where I live. So it sounds like it’s fairly local.

For anyone who is going to try this service, try to be home when the container arrives. Although Terra’s Kitchen does an amazing job packing the container with blue ice packs, and the container is well insulated, since perishable items are being shipped you want to unpack your order as soon as possible and get it into your refrigerator.

It’s fairly easy to make sure you’ll be home, or make sure you’ll be home at a reasonable time after delivery. You get to PICK your delivery date when you place the order. They do have specific dates that they let you pick from based on how long they need to prep/complete the order, but you can pick what day your food is delivered. And if you get in the habit of ordering the food early enough to have it delivered on the right day of the week each time you order then it’s a piece of cake to retrieve the box quickly and unpack it.


The container looks exactly as above. And is packed very similarly, the only difference is they don’t show you the ice containers in this photo. As you can (kind of) see in the photo above all of the ingredients come in individual plastic (RECYCLABLE) containers. Each container is labeled with a number that corresponds to a recipe card. The numbers make it really easy to sort, store, and find all the right ingredients for each recipe. Especially since some recipes have the same ingredients in different amounts or prepared differently. It makes grabbing the wrong thing more difficult.

I like to stack my food with the larger containers on the bottom and the smaller ones on top. They are easily stackable. Two of the small containers fit perfectly on top of the larger containers so stacking the food is easy. It makes it easier for me to get the food out of the fridge when I’m ready to cook a meal. I just grab a stack and go!

I’m a huge fan or recyclable materials so I LOVE that not only are the ingredient containers recyclable, but the container it comes in goes right back to where it was shipped from. Each box comes with a prepaid return shipping label under your shipping address label, all you do is peel your label off and put the box (closed back up) back on your porch. The delivery company will pick it up the next day! It’s one of the easiest things I’ve ever done! And there’s no cardboard box that you have to get rid of! For someone without a recycle bin it’s a HUGE bonus!

I am super excited to get started on my new healthier eating program! I’ll officially start cooking the new food tomorrow since I already had a plan for dinner tonight, but I can’t wait! I’ll start with something new since there’s at least one recipe that I’ve already tried before.

One of my favorite things about this service is, it allows me to try something new without having to try to find a recipe and buying a whole bunch of the ingredient, because if you end up not liking it you are wasting that money and all that extra food. With this service I waste a lot less money if I don’t like it, because I can eat the rest of that meal, and I don’t waste nearly as much food. I hate wasting food. I do it far too often for my liking. So really, this service has SO MANY benefits for me!

  • I don’t have to go grocery shopping except for the most basic of basics and breakfast foods
  • Everything is recyclable/reusable
  • Great portion sizes
  • Ability to try new things in smaller amounts
  • Since you get the recipe cards you can recreate the recipe even without the service (mostly, they do provide marinades that might be hard to duplicate, but I’ve never tried so I can’t say for sure)
  • Less waste
  • I spend less money

Don’t forget to check them out at their website!

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