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Another Resolution

I’m going to DECLUTTER my life!





I’m going to purge purge purge!!!!

I’ve always been really bad at getting rid of things. I have stupid sentimental attachments to things that don’t really matter and a fear that getting rid of anything that was given to me by someone else. I have a room full of things and boxes and boxes of things in the garage. I can’t think of a thing that’s out there that I miss having access to, and I know that’s a sign to get rid of it. Not all of it can be gotten rid of. I have at least one box of childhood things out there.

My room feels cluttered. I don’t have enough space for the things I’ve got and even if I did there’s a lot of things that I don’t really have a place for. I have a lot of things that don’t really belong out on the open or anywhere. Not because they’re things that don’t need to exist at all, but because they are things that aren’t really meant to be kept long term.

For example, I have a box full of cards in a box in my garage. These are birthday/holiday cards that I’ve received from family members and friends over the years. Logically I know I should only keep the ones that have special hand written messages, but I’ve kept so many because of the sentiment on the card, which is silly because it was written by some random person, but it was picked by the person I care about.

So I think What I’ll do, when I can find the box, is take pictures of the ones that are sweet then get rid of them and I’ll only physically hang on to the cards that have special messages in them, written by the person that give it to me.

But it’s things like that that cause me to end up with so much stuff and so much clutter. That and my ability to procrastinate. I hate dealing with things that I have to make a decision about. I frequently will open my mail, take care of things, and then stack the mail that isn’t really important, but should still be filed or thrown away, into a pile and shove it away somewhere. I find stacks of mail stashed away in all kinds of places and a lot of it is stuff that should be gotten rid of, but I feel like I should shred a lot of it, and that is the part I don’t want to do. I don’t want to sit down and shred it all. I just want it to go away.

I’m also afraid to get rid of things in case I end up needing it later. Silly, stupid things. I have a file folder full of packing slips and order forms that probably goes all the way back to 2006. It’s stuff I don’t need any more. I’m not going to return any of it, or find an issue with it now that I would need to contact them about, or even could complain about, and I probably don’t even own half the stuff anymore. I know it’s smart to keep order and shipping information for a while after the order is placed and even after the order arrives, but  I also know that after a couple of months they aren’t necessary anymore. If I find that file I’ll get rid of all the old order forms, but I have to stop saving stuff like that.

I have been pretty good in the last couple of years about getting rid of manuals for electronics and things, because really, what can’t you find online these days? Why do I need to hang on to a user manual for something and let it take up space when I can just find the answer, or the whole use guide, on the internet anyway. I don’t hang on to as much stuff and even the things I do hang on to I’ve been getting rid of them a lot faster.

I’m working on it. That’s the best I can do.

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