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My Diet

As of the first of January, 2016 I’m going on a serious diet.

Today I spent a good hour or more cleaning my room. I got rid of (almost) all of my candy, all of my chips, snack foods and junk. I’ve kept my sodas but will limit myself to one a day (mostly because I think I’m addicted to it and last time I quit cold turkey I got horrible migraines, this time I’m going to wean myself off). I’m cleaning out everything from the kitchen (that’s mine) that isn’t part of my new diet. Everything out of the cupboards, fridge, and freezer. I’m taking all of my food (that I can) to a friend so she and her kids can eat it.

I’ve kept a few things for myself. Some portion controlled desserts/snacks, I won’t allow myself to have more than one a day, and no more than 4 a week.

As for meals, I’m ordering all of my dinners online. I’d order more than that, but it’s too expensive and the service I’m using doesn’t really have breakfasts. They have food that can be used for lunch, and I may end up using left overs as lunches most days. But I’ll supplement with oatmeal, granola, and fruit for breakfasts, plus fresh juice. And I’ll eat extra salads, vegetables and fruits for lunches when I don’t have or don’t want leftovers.

I use a service called Terra’s Kitchen (Found Here) to order my food. They have great menu options (and not too many to be overwhelming) and it changes based on foods that are available. I’ve ordered food from them two, maybe three, times before and I’ve LOVED everything I’ve ordered. They’ve got a great deal, as far as I’m concerned, on pricing. It might seem expensive when you look at the per cost meal, but when you take into consideration what it would cost for you to go to the store and buy the same ingredients to make the meal you might decide that it is in fact worth it, as I have.

Each “meal” you order serves at least 2 people. They have different options based on dietary needs and are working on adding more all the time. Right now they have options for gluten free, and I think paleo, vegetarian options for sure, and then they were trying to set it up (maybe they have) where you can separate them out based on the type or protein. Anyway, you pick the meals you want, you can up the number of people it serves based on what you need, but the smallest amount of servings is two. For me two servings is perfect because it allows for leftovers.

They have a snack/prepared section too. It’s got fruit, salads, and things like salsa.

I really like their Chicken w/ Watermelon & Mint Salad, it’s AMAZING! So tasty! But I’m also a big fan of some of their other options like their mango and blueberries, or the berry salad.

They are also really great about shipping charges. Pretty much as long as you fill your shipping container you get free shipping. It isn’t exactly that simple, you have to spend $125 to get free shipping, but it’s hard to fill the container and not spend that much, so it really isn’t a difficult thing to do.

They ship your food in a cardboard like container that they surround with ice packs. The food comes raw, in individual plastic containers with numbers on them. The numbers correspond to the recipes that they send with the food. Each recipe has a number, each container is labeled with the number. So if the recipe for the chicken dish I love is labeled 126 then all the ingredients that I need to make that dish will have a sticker saying 126 on it. It makes it really easy to organize it all in your fridge and to get it all out when it’s time to make the food. Since everything comes raw you do have to cook, but most things come prepared to be cooked so you just have to dump, marinade, or grill (because most recipes are done on a grill or grill pan).

After you’ve unpacked all of your ingredients and put them in the fridge, which you should really do the day you receive it, as soon as you can, you peel off the shipping label with your information on it (make sure you’ve left all of the ice packs and things in the box after you’ve unpacked) and underneath is a prepaid return label to send the box and ice packs back to the company. All you have to do is set it out on your porch and FedEx will pick it up for you. Super simple!

Thanks to Terra’s Kitchen I can have pretty healthy meals delivered right to my door. I cook them myself. I have leftovers for later. It’s perfect. I can usually get 3-4 meals in one box along with a snack or two depending on cost of each meal and amount of ingredients (that effects space). So each box which so far has cost me between $135 and $157 can last me about a week and during that week I don’t really need to go grocery shopping for anything.

By not going grocery shopping as often I save a lot of money and eat a lot less junk. I’m an impulse buyer so it prevents that. It’s a lot easier for me to limit myself to things I need when I go shopping when I know that most of my meals are taken care of. The uncertainty in what I’m going to eat makes me wander aisles and buy things I don’t really need. Because of this the service helps me in two ways, I spend less money, and eat less junk. Hopefully it’ll help me lose weight too.

If you have any questions about Terra’s Kitchen, my diet plan, or anything else regarding this leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

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