I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.

I’m sorry that I wasn’t around for a few days during the holiday, but with family and friends and being injured (I’ll explain in a minute), I just didn’t have time to write any posts. I honestly didn’t have that much to write about anyway over the holidays.

I had a wonderful time with my family and friends.

We have a family tradition of doing Christmas Eve dinner at my maternal grandmother’s house. She makes lasagna, salad, and garlic bread. We have drinks and appetizers first and this year we opened our presents before dinner. After presents we all sat down at the dining room table to have our dinner and we had Christmas cookies for dessert. We sat and visited for a while and then we all headed home.

Christmas morning we go back to grandma’s house for Christmas breakfast. We have fancy egg scramble (an egg casserole of sorts with eggs, cheese sauce, vegetables, and cubed bread it’s amazing!), cinnamon rolls (usually cinnamon twists but we did rolls this year), warm fruit (peaches, pears and apricots with cinnamon and sugar (I think) on them then heated), and a wonderful orange juice drink (frozen orange juice concentrate, raw egg, milk, sugar). That’s our traditional Christmas breakfast and this year didn’t disappoint. It was absolutely wonderful! I ate way more than I should have but it was totally worth it.

This Christmas my niece (who is 3) split her time between her dad’s house and my sister’s house. My sister got to pick her up at noon on Christmas day and she brought her to my grandma’s so she could open all of her presents and see everyone for Christmas. It took about an hour for my niece to open all of her presents, both because she got a lot of presents and because she wanted to play with the toys instead of opening new ones. She was very excited about everything she got. She got a bunch of really adorable clothes, a magical talking unicorn, a grocery store shopping set, her very own baking set and a kids tablet. It was a great time watching her open everything and get excited and want to play with it all.

For Christmas I got:

From my mom: a skirt and a shirt, plus a bracelet and my stocking stuffers (makeup, candy, a gift card for Starbucks and some cash)

From my grandparents: coloring supplies (coloring books, colored pencils), a guided journal, a mini sewing machine, a marquee letter “N”

From my great aunt: gift cards to Ulta & Old Navy, makeup

From my great grandma: a check

From my friends: cookies, jam, some puzzles and things that I haven’t been able to open yet

I’m excited to use the coloring supplies my grandma got me. I’ve been enjoying coloring for a while but all the books I have are specific pictures, not just abstract sort of designs and geometric prints. The problem I have with real pictures is I want them to be perfect, I don’t want the same color to touch unless it’s coloring the same things throughout the page. So it’ll be fun to color something that’s a little more random, that’s just a pattern on a page. I’m excited about the sewing machine although I’m not sure what I’ll use it for right now. I love the bracelet my mom got me. It’s a simple silver cuff/bangle bracelet with “a journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step” it says “Lao-Tzu” on the inside of the bracelet. It is a nice bracelet and it fits me really well so I’m really happy with it.

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