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Helpful Cognitions

One of the most potent contributors to the panic that you experience is the catastrophic misinterpretation of certain physical symptoms; e.g. “Oh, my god, I’m going to die” when your heartbeat accelerates. It is critically important that you identify and challenge these faulty interpretations.

These (symptoms) are really uncomfortable, but they aren’t lethal.

Every time these start, they always stop. (There’s no such thing as an eternal panic attack.)

I don’t have to make it stop; I just have to slow it down.

How am I breathing? Slow it down.

My worst fears have never occurred.

I have never died.

I have not humiliated myself.

A panic attack has never caused me to have a heart attack or stroke.

I have never collapsed from a lack of oxygen. (Even if I fainted, my body would automatically breathe.)

“Step back” from the symptoms and let them flow. (Be an observer.)


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