How I Got My Car

So in one of my previous blogs, my Handout 7 worksheet blog, I had started talking about how I bought my car and how I felt that I had earned it. And in that blog I stated that I would write an additional blog explaining why it is that I feel I have earned the thirty-something-thousand dollar car that I purchased earlier this year.

The truth is I wrote the entire story out in that blog and then cut it out and pasted it into a Word document to be put into a separate blog later, unfortunately I lost that document and have to now retype the story. So, here we go, again.

In 2006 I moved to my dad’s house to live with him after high school. At the time I didn’t have my own car and hadn’t really been bothered by it. However, having just moved to a new place, living 3 miles outside of town and not having access to a vehicle very often due to my father needing his for work, we both quickly realized that having a vehicle of my own was vital. Where I had lived with my mom I was able to borrow her car, ride with friends, or walk if I had to, I didn’t have those options at my dad’s house. So he bought me a car.

A 1999 Ford Mustang.

It was a great car. I loved it, drove it everywhere and really had no complaints about it in general. I would have gladly driven that car until it could be driven no more. The problem was after a while my sister, who had been given my mom’s old car, ran her car out of oil and blew up the engine.

You might be wondering why this is my problem or what it has to do with me, so let me explain.

When my sister’s car died she started asking my dad to get her a new one. Most people would think that’s normal and not a big deal, but in my family it’s a tough situation. Neither of my parents make the kind of money to just go around buying their kids cars. My dad getting me mine was a special situation because we pretty much didn’t have any other options. Where we were living I couldn’t just go out and get a job to work for a car I would buy myself, so he got me one. My sister however had already been given one car and was now asking for another to be given to her.

My dad felt super guilty for having bought me a car but now being unable to buy one for my sister. I was mad at my sister for even asking, knowing what our dad’s situation was, and mad at her for thinking she should be given a second car because she didn’t fully take care of the first one.

So, for my father, to prevent him from putting his business in potential jeopardy trying to give my sister her own car, I gave her my Mustang. Yes, gave. I didn’t ask for anything in return, didn’t expect anything in return, just gave it to her so she would have a car and neither of my parents would feel that they needed to buy her one. Looking back now my sister really should have found a way to buy her own car, but c’est la vie.

So, I sent my car back down to California to give it to my sister and decided I would go out and buy myself a new car. It wouldn’t be an immediate thing however. For a while I used the Z28 Camaro convertible that my dad had, the only problem with that was a) it was the middle of winter, which on the Oregon Coast basically means 24/7 rain, b) the back window had been busted out by a dog at some point and hadn’t been fixed yet, and c) the engine was a little wonky and would sometimes do weird and a little bit scary things.

After a while my dad and I decided he should auction off the car since it was a special edition (or whatever) and get whatever money he could out of it. Since I hadn’t bought my own car yet my step-mom said I could borrow hers for a while. So for a couple of months we shared her car.

Eventually I did buy my own car. A 2007 Hyundai Elantra. It wasn’t even remotely my dream car but it was a reliable car with decent mileage that wasn’t ridiculously old, beat up, or disgusting inside. I bought the car in 2010, the year my dream car actually came out.

The Kia Soul.

I desperately wanted a Kia Soul and at one point, with a co-signer, I could have had it. But, the payments would have been huge and even though I was in a good job I didn’t trust the security of it. So I decided to be more responsible and went with the Hyundai. I don’t regret my decision. I made the right choice. Not too long after I bought the car I was let go from my job and if I had had the much higher car payment of the Soul I would have had to sell my car. However, I had been smart enough to get the less expensive car, at $11,000 my Hyundai was still fairly pricey for a first time car buyer. My grandpa was kind enough to cosign the loan for the Hyundai and luckily I was smart enough with my finances to continue making all of my car payments until I paid the car off in early 2014.

All the while I dreamed about getting a Kia Soul and told people outright that it was me dream car. While other people talked about Porsche, Ferrari, Audi, Bentley, and other high end cars I just wanted my Kia Soul. So, after paying my car off, agreeing to work for my great grandmother and basically working my ass off for close to a year I decided I had earned my Kia Soul.

But I wasn’t going to get just any Kia Soul. I wanted a loaded model. Originally when I set out to buy my Soul I was looking at used cars. I didn’t need a brand new, shiny, never been owned, Kia. I was perfectly happy with a used one. The problem was, as a quickly discovered, few people (or none as it seemed to be) were trying to sell a used Kia with all of the features I wanted. Although they were being sold for decent prices if I was going to get my dream car I was going to get it with everything I wanted. I started researching brand new 2015 Kia Souls. Eventually I found one that had everything in it that I wanted, the only hiccup was, it was going to cost over $30,000 to get the car I wanted.

I didn’t think I’d be able to do it. Although I work a lot and make good money I didn’t think my credit score would allow me, at 26 years old, to be able to get my dream car. On a whim I tried to get preapproved by my bank as well as the Kia bank for the car. I got an approval for a large chunk of the money from my personal bank, but the Kia bank came through and approved me for the entire amount. I went to the dealthership and got my car.

I am now making large monthly payments on a loaded 2015 Kia Soul. And I’m in love with it!

Spending that kind of money totally stresses me out and I basically had an anxiety attack at the dealership, the whole process is a blur now, but I have my car and it’s amazing!

My car has the extended sunroof, push start, heated and cooled front seats, heated back seats, a heated steering wheel (seriously!?!?!) and a KICK ASS sound system. (At least that’s what I’m told. I went camping with my cousin and some of her friends and one of them saw my door speaker and said “You have Infinity speakers in your car?” with awe in his voice. So apparently they’re pretty awesome. I know for a fact my car has amazing bass and sound though. Teehee)

My Kia Soul will be my car until the day it dies, or the day I do. Regardless of the high payments, fairly high insurance cost, and the stress that comes with it, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I absolutely love my car. It makes me happy every time I get to drive it. It gives me the freedom to go where I want to go and it gives me the independence to get there without help from anyone else. I’ve already taken it to Oregon and San Diego, oh, and Disneyland. Who knows where else I will take it. I’m a traveler after all.

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