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Emotion Regulation Handout 16

Pleasant Events List

  1. Working on my car
  2. Planning a career
  3. Getting out of (paying down) debt
  4. Collecting things (baseball cards, coins, stamps, rocks, shells, etc.)
  5. Going on vacation
  6. Thinking how it will be with I finish school
  7. Recycling old items
  8. Going on a date
  9. Relaxing
  10. Going to or watching a movie
  11. Jogging, walking
  12. Thinking “I have done a full day’s work”
  13. Listening to music
  14. Thinking about past parties
  15. Buying household gadgets
  16. Lying in the sun
  17. Planning a career change
  18. Laughing
  19. Thinking about past trips
  20. Listening to other people
  21. Reading magazines or newspapers
  22. Engaging in hobbies (stamp collecting, model building, etc.)
  23. Spending an evening with good friends
  24. Planning a day’s activities
  25. Meeting new people
  26. Remembering beautiful scenery
  27. Saving money
  28. Going home from work
  29. Eating
  30. Practicing karate, judo, yoga
  31. Thinking about retirement
  32. Repairing things around the house
  33. Working on machinery (cars, boats, etc.)
  34. Remember the words and deeds of loving people
  35. Wearing shocking clothing
  36. Having quiet evenings
  37. Taking care of my plants
  38. Buying/selling stock
  39. Going swimming
  40. Doodling
  41. Exercising
  42. Collecting old things
  43. Going to a party
  44. Thinking about buying things
  45. Playing golf
  46. Playing soccer
  47. Flying kites
  48. Having discussions with friends
  49. Having family get-togethers
  50. Riding a bike or motorbike
  51. Running track
  52. Going camping
  53. Singing around the house
  54. Arranging flowers
  55. Practicing religion (going to church, group praying, etc.)
  56. Organizing tools
  57. Going to the beach
  58. Thinking, “I’m an OK person”
  59. Having a day with nothing to do
  60. Going to class reunions
  61. Going skating, skateboarding, rollerblading
  62. Going sailing or motor-boating
  63. Traveling or going on vacations
  64. Painting
  65. Doing something spontaneously
  66. Doing needlepoint, crewel, etc.
  67. Sleeping
  68. Driving
  69. Entertaining, giving parties
  70. Going to clubs (garden clubs, Parents without Partners, etc.)
  71. Thinking about getting married
  72. Going hunting
  73. Singing with groups
  74. Flirting
  75. Playing musical instruments
  76. Doing arts and crafts
  77. Making a gift for someone
  78. Buying/downloading music
  79. Watching boxing, wrestling
  80. Planning parties
  81. Cooking
  82. Going hiking
  83. Writing (books, poems, articles)
  84. Sewing
  85. Buying clothes
  86. Going out to dinner
  87. Working
  88. Discussing books; going to a book club
  89. Sightseeing
  90. Getting a manicure/pedicure or facial
  91. Going to the beauty parlor
  92. Early morning coffee and newspaper
  93. Playing tennis
  94. Kissing
  95. Watching my children (play)
  96. Thinking, “I have a lot more going for me than most people”
  97. Going to plays and concerts
  98. Daydreaming
  99. Planning to go (back) to school
  100. Thinking about sex
  101. Going for a drive
  102. Refinishing the furniture
  103. Watching TV
  104. Making lists of tasks
  105. Walking in the woods (or at the waterfront)
  106. Buying gifts
  107. Completing a task
  108. Going to a spectator sport (auto racing, horse racing)
  109. Teaching
  110. Photography
  111. Going fishing
  112. Thinking about pleasant events
  113. Staying on a diet
  114. Playing with animals
  115. Flying a plane
  116. Reading fiction
  117. Acting
  118. Being alone
  119. Writing diary entries or letters
  120. Cleaning
  121. Reading nonfiction
  122. Taking children places
  123. Dancing
  124. Weightlifting
  125. Going on a picnic
  126. Thinking, “I did that pretty well,” after doing something
  127. Meditating, yoga
  128. Having lunch with a friend
  129. Going to the mountains
  130. Playing hockey
  131. Working with clay or pottery
  132. Glass blowing
  133. Going skiing
  134. Dressing up
  135. Reflecting on how I’ve improved
  136. Buying small things for myself (perfume, golf balls, etc.)
  137. Talking on the phone
  138. Going to museums
  139. Thinking religious thoughts
  140. Lighting candles
  141. White-water canoeing/rafting
  142. Going bowling
  143. Doing woodworking
  144. Fantasizing about the future
  145. Taking ballet/tap-dancing classes
  146. Debating
  147. Sitting in a sidewalk cafe
  148. Having an aquarium
  149. Participating in “living history” events
  150. Knitting
  151. Doing crossword puzzles
  152. Shooting pool
  153. Getting a massage
  154. Saying “I love you”
  155. Playing catch, taking batting practice
  156. Shooting baskets
  157. Seeing and/or showing photos
  158. Thinking about my good qualities
  159. Solving riddles mentally
  160. Having a political discussion
  161. Buying books
  162. Taking a sauna or a steam bath
  163. Checking out garage sales
  164. Thinking about having a family
  165. Thinking about happy moments in my childhood
  166. Splurging
  167. Going horseback riding
  168. Doing something new
  169. Working on jigsaw puzzles
  170. Playing cards
  171. Thinking, “I’m a person who can cope”
  172. Taking a nap
  173. Figuring out my favorite scent
  174. Making a card and giving it to someone I care about
  175. Instant-messaging/texting someone
  176. Playing a board game (e.g. Monopoly, Life, Clue, Sorry)
  177. Putting on my favorite piece of clothing
  178. Making a smoothie and drinking it slowly
  179. Putting on makeup
  180. Thinking about a friend’s good qualities
  181. Completing something I feel great about
  182. Surprising someone with a favor
  183. Surfing the internet
  184. Playing video games
  185. E-mailing friends
  186. Going walking or sledding in snowfall
  187. Getting a haircut
  188. Installing new software
  189. Buying a CD or music on iTunes
  190. Watching sports on TV
  191. Taking care of my pets
  192. Doing volunteer service
  193. Watching stand-up comedy on YouTube
  194. Working in my garden
  195. Participating in a public performance (e.g. a flash mob)
  196. Blogging
  197. Fighting for a cause
  198. Conducting experiments
  199. Expressing my love to someone
  200. Going on field trips, nature walks, exploring (hiking away from known routes, spelunking)
  201. Gathering natural objects (wild foods or fruit, driftwood)
  202. Going downtown or to a shopping mall
  203. Going to a fair, carnival, circus, zoo, or amusement park
  204. Going to the library
  205. Joining or forming a band
  206. Learning to do something new
  207. Listening to the sounds of nature
  208. Looking at the moon or stars
  209. Outdoor work (cutting or chopping wood, farm work)
  210. Playing organized sports (baseball, softball, football, Frisbee, tennis, soccer, squash, paddleball, handball, volleyball, etc.)
  211. Playing in the sand, a stream, the grass; kicking leaves, pebbles, etc.
  212. Protesting social, political, or environmental conditions
  213. Reading cartoons or comics
  214. Reading sacred works
  215. Rearranging or redecorating my room or the house
  216. Selling or trading something
  217. Snowmobiling or riding a dune buggy/ATV
  218. Social networking
  219. Soaking in the bathtub
  220. Learning or speaking a foreign language
  221. Talking on the phone
  222. Composing or arranging songs or music
  223. Thrift store shopping
  224. Using computers
  225. Visiting people who are sick, shut in, or in trouble
  226. Other
Note: For adults or adolescents. Adapted from Linehan, M. M., Sharp, E., & Ivanoff, A. M. (1980, November). The Adult Pleasant Events Schedule. Paper presented at the meeting of the Association for Advancement of Behavior Therapy, New York. Adapted by permission of the authors.

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