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My therapist has given me a couple of handouts/worksheets to use throughout my journey to getting better, recovering and coping with depression. I’m going to type them out as I get them and post them here in case anyone else might find them useful, or because I’m horrible at keeping things organized, so I can find them later should I lose my physical copies of them.

I’ll post each worksheet as a separate post and then link them here so they’re all easy to find as they won’t all be posted at the same time, or given to me all at once. I received 3 during my first session, but she warned me there would be many more to come.

I have some additional handouts and worksheets from classes and things that I’ve attended that I’ll type up and add here as well if I find them helpful. I’ll give credit as much as I can to whomever I can based on what is on the papers themselves.

Distress Handout 4

Distress Handout 5

Distress Handout 7

Distress Handout 8

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