“Family” Vacation Part II


Our family vacation was overall very good. I’m glad I’m home, but I miss the freedom of Disneyland. I miss not working and I miss the childlike feeling that I get from running around an amusement park. Disneyland was an absolutely wonderful adventure and I can’t wait to go back.


If you go to Disneyland I definitely recommend trying to get at least one reservation for dinner at one of the awesome restaurants they have within the two parks.

We ate at Blue Bayou, which was wonderful, mostly for the atmosphere. The food was amazing too, but you’re definitely paying more for the atmosphere the restaurant provides versus the food itself. In case you didn’t know, Blue Bayou is located inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride! When you go on the ride you can see the restaurant and it’s diners if you look to the right (I can’t remember exactly where). It’s a lot of fun sitting in a place that appears to be outside under the stars, when really you’re inside a Disneyland ride. You can watch other park-goers float by on their ride while you eat a wonderful dinner. As I said, you’re paying for the atmosphere, but the food really is wonderful. There were four of us eating in our party and we all ordered something different, everyone enjoyed their food and it was a great break during our adventuring.

We also ate at the Wine Country Trattoria in Disneyland’s California Adventure park. It was really good too. It was more about the food and less about the atmosphere. We also got the packaged deal with World of Color tickets which gave us access to a special seating area! I have to say, since it was my first time seeing World of Color, it was worth it to get the tickets as part of a dining package to get the special seating. Our seats were perfect! We could feel the heat off the flames and got a little bit wet during certain parts of the show. The food was really good! The restaurant itself is nice, we ate outside and it was really cold, but we were next to a heater so it wasn’t too bad.

Our dining experiences were good, World of Color was amazing, we saw all the parades (at least once) and got a chance to watch the fireworks. We stayed at the Grand Californian Hotel, which was the perfect place to stay! Staying at that particular hotel comes with some great perks!

We had 4-day park hoppers, and because we stayed at the hotel we got early access to the parks (each on different days), depending on the day we got into Disneyland an hour early, or California Adventure an hour early. It’s a great perk because we took that extra hour to get on the rides that had the longest wait times (like Hyperspace Mountain and California Screamin’).

The Grand Californian also has it’s own entrance into California Adventure, so when entering or exiting that particular park it’s really convenient. On top of that the hotel is right on top of/next to Downtown Disney so it’s really easy to walk through and grab some Starbucks, Jamba Juice, or food from the bakery on your way to the parks. The most important perk for us however was after getting all wet on water rides it was super easy to get back to our room to change our clothes (and charge our cell phones of course!). The convenience factor of our hotel made the cost of staying there totally worth it in my book! I’m hoping to stay there again on future trips.


Our room was perfect! We had a standard handicap room (which is almost the same as a standard room only ours had a roll-in shower), it had 2 queen beds and a daybed. It allowed us to sleep FIVE people in one room! We had a small balcony as well as the other basics, tv, bathroom, etc.

The hotel itself was amazing! They were decorating for Christmas while we were there, the parks were already decorated, they put up the amazing Christmas tree and they built a HUGE gingerbread house!


We had such an amazing time and although we were glad to come home and see our friends, family, and all of our pets I think we all miss being little kids running around Disneyland.


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